Our Story

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Jackson & Wills is a family owned and operated company that has been committed to providing communications solutions to the Southland community for over 70 years.

The company was formed in 1947 by Doug Jackson and Maurice Wills, who pooled their comprehensive knowledge of what was then only a fledgling electronics industry.

Sadly Mr Jackson died early on in into the partnership but the company name lived on and Jackson & Wills gained a reputation as an innovator in domestic and commercial communications technology.

Over the years the company has achieved a number of notable firsts, such as:

  • First to view overseas television in 1956

  • First to introduce microwave television banking systems in New Zealand to the Southland Savings Bank

  • First amateur radio enthusiast in New Zealand to communicate with overseas station VHF bands (NZ – USA)

  • First to introduce VHF land mobile radio telephone communication to Southland

In 1993 Jackson & Wills was appointed one of the first Telecom Mobile Service Centres in the country. These centres of excellence were set up to look after Telecom's growing number of cellular phone customers by connecting them to the network, performing upgrades and servicing their phones.

Today, communications technology is the backbone of business operations and an essential facet of our day-to-day lives. 

The product range has expanded to embrace all the latest communications technologies and the customer base has grown to include local government bodies and nationwide corporate customers, along with small businesses and individuals seeking communications solutions for home or recreational use.

Although the face of technology is ever changing, the company ethos remains the same: Jackson & Wills is dedicated to providing personal service and technical know-how to equip Southlanders with the very best communications solutions.