AM-CB Radio's

AM CB's are predominantly used by drivers within transport company's for general chat, which keeps their commercial radio channels free for business.

There are no handheld AM CB radios available in NZ to work with these units

Uniden PRO5050.jpg

Uniden Pro-5050 AM CB

The uniden Pro5050 AM CB is a 12/24v unit which means you dont need to purchase a 24-12v regulater.


It has a large screen which it easy to read and a built in front mounted speaker. As it is a DIN size unit this makes it great to flush mount



An old favorite, the GME TX2720 AM CB has been around a while has proven to be an extremely reliable unit from a leader in this field.


Midland Zero AM CB.PNG

Midland M-Zero AM CB (New)

Extremely compact and easy to use, the Midland M-Zero is the Truckies best friend when traveling the highways.


UHF-CB Radios (coming soon)