Iridium GO

Create reliable global satellite connections for communications on your smart phones and other mobile devices.

•    Supports voice mail, SMS
      and Apps.

•    Dedicated SOS button

•    Free iridium GO! and Iridium
      Mail & Web App

Iridium 9555

Compact and durable, the Iridium 9555 gives you the freedom to connect anywhere.

•    Rugged and reliable

•    Compact and light

•    Easy to use

•    Integrated speaker

•    Range of docking solutions

Iridium 9575

Tough and Smart

Voice-Data-GPS enabled

•    Toughest ever Iridium phone

•    Dedicated SOS

•    Built in GPS

•    Tracking Capable

•    IP65 - Jet water & dust

Iridium PTT

The Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT) service features global, real-time, interoperable group communication with one push of a button.

•    Push-to-Talk (PTT) services

•    Real time, low latency

•    Define coverage areas and user
      talkgroups quickly and easily



With it's own unique mobile number the SPOT X 2-Way Satellite Messenger provides 2-way satellite messaging so you can stay connected with family and friends when you are off the grid and beyond cellular coverage.


The SPOT Gen3 Satellite GPS Messenger provides a vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it, and emergency assistance when you need it. SPOT Gen 3 works across Australia, NZ, and most of the world, even where mobile phones don't.



First off, what good is an emergency alarm without anyone receiving the message.

Our first priority is making sure your Lone Worker Alarms go to the people that need it, in the way you want them too. 

Our Dispatch Console is easy to use and is extremely scalable.


It can also be used on

  • Two-Way radio systems,

  • Your existing mobile phone fleet

  • Specialised devices.


We will give you control over your fleet of radios turning features on or off manually or automatically in GEO Zones.   

Telo Systems

The TE580 is ideal for public safety, public utility, transportation and private organisations.

Users can quickly collaborate and share information across organisations.

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