AM/FM CB Two Way Radios

If you want to communicate with your team and do not want to spend a lot of money or require your own private channel, then an AM or FM CB maybe the answer!

How do I Choose between AM and FM?
This can be governed by a number of things, but by asking yourself a couple of simple questions you will be able to work out for yourself which way you need to go.
Who do I want to communicate with? If you are wanting to talk with someone that already has a CB, ask them what they have as AM and FM will not talk to each. An example of this would be, drivers within the transport industry, they are big users of AM radio as they are cheaper to by themselves for general chit chat.
If your starting a fresh (say for a farm commuincation package), more than likely you are going to want some handhelds. If so this will instantly tell you that you require FM as no major suppliers being in AM handhelds.

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  1. GME TX4600 Two Way Radio

    GME TX4600 Two Way Radio

    A 5 watt 80 channel UHF radio with large display and buttons for simple one-handed use. Learn More

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