Enjoy the simplicity of Push to Talk

We can tell you now when it comes to team communications, simplicity and religability are critically important. 

Jackson and Wills offer the solution for your team or fleet. ​


per month 

  • One click operation.

  • Great coverage.

  • VHF, (One radio for your group comms and bush access) 



Push to Talk is best known for use on 'Land Mobile Radio' or 'Radio Telephones'. Push to Talk is the best and preferred way for a group of people to communicate information quickly.



Custom Made

Land Mobile Radio




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When you contact us about getting a Push to Talk system for your business we could recommend using one of our strategically placed repeaters or getting your own put on your preferred site.

Using the latest in Digital VHF and UHF technology you can have a completely secure channel that can give you a connection in places you would have never thought possible.

Push to Talk Over Cellular

Push to Talk Over Cellular (PTTOC) is now becoming extremely popular due to a huge coverage area and range of smart devices.

Cellular in New Zealand is nothing short of fantastic, fast and stable.

If you are currently using cellular at work Push to Talk over cellular or (PTTOC) is a perfect upgrade.

You can install and run this service on any smartphone, computer or specialised devices, dedicated to this service.

These devices are built like a traditional Push to Talk radio, many people would not even know they were using a cellular device.

Please contact us to find out more about the advantages of Push to Talk Over Cellular


AM-CB Radio's (40 Channel) 

AM CB's are predominantly used by drivers within transport company's for general chat, which keeps their commercial radio channels free for business.

These radios are often used in trucks on channel 11.

There are no handheld AM CB radios available in NZ to work with these units

Uniden PRO5050.jpg

Uniden Pro-5050 AM CB

The uniden Pro5050 AM CB is a 12/24v unit which means you dont need to purchase a 24-12v regulater.


It has a large screen which it easy to read and a built in front mounted speaker. As it is a DIN size unit this makes it great to flush mount



An old favorite, the GME TX2720 AM CB has been around a while has proven to be an extremely reliable unit from a leader in this field.


Midland Zero AM CB.PNG

Midland M-Zero AM CB (New)

Extremely compact and easy to use, the Midland M-Zero is the Truckies best friend when traveling the highways.



UHF, FM, PRS Radio's (80 Channel)

PRS radios also known as FM Radio or UHF radio are commonly used on farms. 

These radios are perfect for close range group calls. 

Cost effective and ease of use, any PRS radios sold in New Zealand will talk with each other as long as they are on the same channel position.

UHF CB content coming shortly!