Push to Talk is best known for use on 'Land Mobile Radio' or 'Radio Telephones'. Push to Talk it is still the best and preferred way for a group of people to communicate information quickly.


Custom Made

Land Mobile Radio



When you contact us about getting a Push to Talk system for your business we could recommend using one of our strategically placed repeaters or getting your own put on your preferred site.

Using the latest in Digital VHF and UHF technology you can have a completely secure channel that can give you a connection in places you would have never thought possible.

Push to Talk Over Cellular

Push to Talk Over Cellular (PTTOC) is now becoming extremely popular due to a huge coverage area and range of smart devices.

Cellular in New Zealand is nothing short of fantastic, fast and stable.

If you are currently using cellular at work Push to Talk over cellular or (PTTOC) is a perfect upgrade.

You can install and run this service on any smartphone, computer or specialised devices, dedicated to this service.

These devices are built like a traditional Push to Talk radio, many people would not even know they were using a cellular device.

Please contact us to find out more about the advantages of Push to Talk Over Cellular

This graph shows average time spent on phone calls between 1987 and 2012.

The behavior on a phone call is completely different to how we naturally communicate short messages.


Push to talk solutions creates a way of speaking that is far more natural and to the point.

Its also a lot quicker than having to look up contacts in your address book and ringing them.



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